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Edtech Consortium firms spend ₹3,500 crore to improve learning ecosystem - The Hindu BusinessLine

86% Indian teachers believe that emergence of Edtechs have expanded job opportunities; finds IEC survey

IEC-member companies invest INR 3500 crores on Teachers, Faculty, Content & Pedagogy in FY22

Self-regulation for ed-tech

While ed-tech start-ups are still in various stages of evolution in India, it is heartening to note that the…

Indian EdTech Consortium Clarification on Mis-selling and Misleading Advertisements

Indian EdTech Consortium Issues Clarification Around Mis-selling and Misleading Advertisements

India EdTech Consortium Appoints Dr. Justice (Retd) B.S. Chauhan as Chairperson to Uphold Code of Conduct by EdTech Platforms