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Upcoming Roundtables

Previous Roundtables

Adobe Roundtable Discussion

5 July, 2016,The Leela Gurgaon

India Pavilion at Mobile World Congress

2 March, 2015 to 5 March, 2015

CXO Roundtable

24 July, 2014,Bangalore

CXO Roundtable

29 April, 2014,Chennai

The Social Media Friday

11 April, 2014,Delhi

Digital Night

13 March, 2014,Mumbai

2nd Policy Series

7 March, 2014,New Delhi

Social Media Friday

28 February, 2014,Mumbai

CXO Power Meet

16 January, 2014,Mumbai

Digital Marketing Webinar

18 December, 2013,

Social Media Friday

29 November, 2013,Bangalore

20th Digital Marketing Roundtable

27 November, 2013,New Delhi

Digital Marketing Webinar

20 November, 2013,

19th Digital Marketing Roundtable

25 October, 2013,Mumbai

CMO Power Series

24 October, 2013,Delhi

CMO Power Series

17 October, 2013,Bangalore

Social Media Friday

11 October, 2013,New Delhi

CMO Power Series

13 August, 2013,Mumbai

Social Media Friday

24 May, 2013,Mumbai

CMO Power Series

14 March, 2013,Bangalore

Agency CEO Strategic Meet

13 March, 2013,New Delhi

CMO Power Series

28 February, 2013,Mumbai

Agency Planners Meet

15 February, 2013,Mumbai

IAMAI-Linkedin CMO meet

6 December, 2012,New Delhi

Agency CEO Strategic Meet

22 November, 2012,Mumbai

5th Mobile Marketing Roundtable

12 October, 2012,New Delhi

IAMAI - LinkedIn CMO Power Series

5 October, 2012,Mumbai

IAMAI - LinkedIn CMO Power Series

28 September, 2012,New Delhi

IAMAI - LinkedIn CMO Power Series

21 September, 2012,Bangalore

5th eMail Marketing Roundtable

13 July, 2012,New Delhi

3rd Mobile Marketing Roundtable

9 February, 2012,Mumbai

4th Email Marketing Roundtable

13 December, 2011,Mumbai

Internet & Mobile Marketing Seminar

25 November, 2011,Lucknow

1st Digital Commerce Roundtable

3 November, 2011,New Delhi

2nd Mobile Marketing Roundtable

29 September, 2011,New Delhi

B2B Marketing- Innovate Series

15 September, 2011,Mumbai

B2B Marketing- Innovate Series

26 August, 2011,New Delhi

3rd e-Mail Marketing Roundtable

19 August, 2011,Bangalore

18th Digital Marketing Roundtable

5 August, 2011,Bangalore

16th Media Marketing Roundtable

15 July, 2011,New Delhi

Digital Payment Roundtable

22 June, 2011,Mumbai

1st Roundtable on Email Marketing

7 January, 2011,New Delhi

2nd Travel Roundtable

29 October, 2010,Mumbai

13th Media Marketing Roundtable

24 September, 2010,Mumbai

12th Media Marketing Roundtable

20 August, 2010,Delhi

1st Roundtable on Travel

11 June, 2010,Gurgaon

Ninth Digital Marketing Roundtable

5 March, 2010,Bangalore

Seventh Digital Marketing Roundtable

18 November, 2009,Mumbai

First Digital Marketing Roundtable

13 January, 2009,Mumbai


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